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We are constantly on the lookout for new destinations and experiences to offer our clients. In addition to the full tour itineraries presented on this site listed below are brief details of some other fascinating areas to which we currently offer service. If you would like to receive a sample itinerary and tour proposal for any of these destinations do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you will consider T.E.I. TOURS & TRAVEL for a tour to any of these, or other, destinations you are interested in visiting. We aim to please and will be happy to discuss options and ideas with you to help you get the best possible experience from your trip. You can reach us by email or by calling us at (925) 825-6104 if you prefer. We are waiting to be of service to you and look forward to arranging an exciting and memorable tour for you soon!

Tim Todd, President T.E.I. TOURS & TRAVEL

MADAGASCAR: Visit the home of the lemur! On out itinerary you will see many different varieties of these exotic creatures face to face in their natural habitat, both in daytime and nighttime excursions. Our 12 day itinerary also contains much more of interest on this tropical island.

TOUR COST: $3985 for our 12 day land tour

TUVA: The land made famous by the Richard Feynman book “Tuva or Bust” and known by philatelists for of its unusual stamps. Remote and difficult to get to our 10 day itinerary will show you the highlights of this area which claims to have the geographic ‘center of Asia’ located in its territory. Highlights include meeting a local shaman and attending a performance of the famed throat singing!

TOUR COST: $2680 for 10 day land tour

ETHIOPIA–DJIBOUTI–ERITREA: Ethiopia is a land of history. Marvel at the ancient rock churches hewn from the solid cliff face in the north of the country and the colorful tribes and village markets in the south. As extension to neighboring Djibouti and Eritrea compliment this tour showing the similarities and differences in this region.

TOUR COST: $3865 for 16 day land tour

JAVA and KRAKATOA: Combine a visit to the wonderful World Heritage site of Borobudur with the awe inspiring natural wonder of sunrise at the active Mount Bromo volcano and, conditions permitting, a speedboat trip to Krakatoa island site of the devastating 1883 volcano explosion in our comprehensive 14 day itinerary. Afterwards optional tour extensions to other parts of Indonesia, Bali or Singapore etc. are available.

TOUR COST: $2245 for 14 day land tour

BELIZE–GUATEMALA–HONDURAS: This tour combines visits to the impressive remains built by ancient civilizations with the lush wildlife of the Central American jungles. You will stay in some beautiful jungle lodges as well as charming hotels along the route for a fuller experience of the region

TOUR COST: $3985 for 15 day land tour

ECUADOR and GALAGAPOS ISLANDS: Cruise the islands made famous by Charles Darwin where you can marvel at the amazing range of docile creatures in their natural environment. Following this trip you may like to consider an extension to Cusco and Machu Pichu in Peru, or to some of the other South American countries.

TOUR COST: $2185 for 9 day land/cruise tour

CHILE and EASTER ISLAND: The massive stone statues are a unique draw to this mysterious island, but our tour will also show you other aspects of the ancient cultures that lived there as well. For your added enjoyment and enlightenment combine Easter Island with a range of options in Chile including the well preserved mummies of the Atacama desert in the north, the scenic and inspiring beauty of the Central Lakes region or Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego in the South. For those with even more time available we even offer an extension to cross the Andes into Argentina from where you can return home or continue touring

TOUR COST: Depends on Chile options selected, contact us for more details

MAURITIUS and SEYCHELLES: These peaceful and relaxing paradise islands of the Pacific Ocean can be visited on their own or in combination with time in South Africa where we offer modules to the wine country and Garden Route from Capetown or a safarai in famous Kreuger (or other) National Park to see the big game.

TOUR COST: $1695 for 7 day land tour

KENYA and TANZANIA: Traditional and deluxe safaris to see the "Big Five" and other animals are available in these countries depending on your requirements. In addition there will be many other interesting sights to see including Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro crater amongst others.

TOUR COST: $3685 for 14 day land tour

*** All prices quoted above are for the land tour cost only and are per person based on twin sharing. We can arrange international airfare to and from the destination for you at our competitive low rates or you can supply your own air if you prefer.

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