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For over 20 years the staff of T.E.I. TOURS & TRAVEL have been specializing in arranging trips for discerning travelers to unique and exotic locations worldwide. We take pride in our personal service and are happy to answer all enquiries or requests for information. Whether you want to travel on an independent basis, with a few friends, or set up your own group feel free to contact us and we will take pleasure in designing a tour of a lifetime for you.

One of our popular tours is an itinerary to China, Mongolia and Russia featuring rides on the Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Siberian Express trains. In seldom visited Mongolia we take you to explore the Gobi desert with an overnight stay in a traditional felt covered "ger" as well as arranging meetings with local nomadic people in the area.

Other fascinating areas we offer are TIBET; BURMA; CAMBODIA & ANGKOR WAT; LAOS and the PLAIN OF JARS; VIETNAM (both North & South); BHUTAN; INDIA including SIKKIM & DARJEELING; MADAGASCAR – home to many different types of lemurs and other varied wildlife and birds; TIMBUKTU & THE DOGON PEOPLE OF MALI and along the Niger river to BURKINA FASO.

The combination of natural wonders and ancient civilizations of CENTRAL AMERICA including BELIZE, HONDURAS and GUATEMALA offer another memorable experience.

And now newly re-opened LIBYA with it's spectactular Greek, Roman and Byzantine sites, a Sahara desert oasis camping experience and the Second World War battelfields and cemetries around Tobruk makes for an enlightening experience.

Of course we can also arrange tours to more "traditional" countries such as those in EUROPE or AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND for instance, but when we do we give them our special treatment by including features not normally offered to visitors such as visiting a local family for tea, or a visit to a school or orphanage.

World travel is a great way to see other cultures and lifestyles as well as to meet people from different backgrounds. Our mission at T.E.I. TOURS & TRAVEL is to make this as easy as possible for our clients. With your basic services arranged in advance we leave you plenty of time for the important things like seeing the sights and making new friends while you on your journey. We extend a hearty invitation for you to come join us for your next trip... like the many before you we're sure you won't be disappointed!